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SuperFoco is a method that significantly increases the effectiveness of organizations. It promotes a change in the culture of organizations, leading to behaviors that drive customer value creation, continuous improvement and a sense of urgency, making them more prepared to operate in uncertain environments.

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Our Purpose

SuperFocus: Making people and organizations more effective

Imagine a world where organizations harmoniously seek solutions to the serious and urgent problems of our society, such as malnutrition, water scarcity, education, etc... A world where organizations can offer solutions to these problems, taking into account the real needs of society through products, services and information making profit!

Now imagine you working motivated daily, contributing to make the world a better place to live, in an organization whose profit comes from meeting the real social needs through the products, services and information in which you are one of the contributors. The more profit is generated, the more society will benefit and the system becomes self-sustaining!

To do so, this organization must be effective. The goal of Superfocus is to make people and organizations more effective, which being achieved will allow to fulfill the purpose of SuperFocus that is to contribute to make the world a better place to live!

"As organizations become more effective, they will be granting greater contribution to society, and in that way, SuperFocus will achieve its highest purpose."

- Mario A. Porto Fonseca, author and creator of SuperFocus.

And how it works?

See how SuperFocus can make your organization more effective

SuperFoco - Foco estratégico

Strategic and Operational Focus

Superfocus seeks to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in the allocation of resources, focusing on the few and important points that will promote the greatest results for the organization.

SuperFoco - Motivação

Motivation and Alignment of Expectations

Superfocus ensures that every employee in your organization has the opportunity to express themselves and point out the factors that motivate them, allowing employees and managers to align their expectations with the organization's goals.

SuperFoco - Presença e Liderança

Presence of the leadership in the key points

Superfocus will allow each of the executives to be present, systematically, in the essential points that propel the results of the organization, observing and communicating empathically with the collaborators.

SuperFoco - Aplicação de Rituais Sistemáticos e Criativos

Application of Systematic and Creative Rituals

Superfocus will allow meetings to occur in a systematic way, marked by effectiveness, following a rigorous preparation ritual, creating an enabling environment for the generation of knowledge and alignment with the organization's identity.

And at the end of the process you will know...

  • Motivate and promote teamwork, knowing how to align your employees with the vision of your organization, focusing on "doing" and not on "criticizing", avoiding negative emotions.

  • To know the true sense of urgency, detecting bottlenecks and promoting the best solution and value for its clients and for society.

  • Concentrate your focus on the client's focus, meeting their desires and their real needs. Reconciling the solution of the today existent problems in the society with the generation of resources and profits for you.

  • To promote continuous improvement in internal processes. Deal with the tendency to the disorder in organizations (entropy) in order to mitigate its effects.

  • To adopt systemic thinking and its powerful tools to solve problems safely and anticipate changes from the environment

  • To prepare yourself and to prepare your organization to deal with the uncertainties of our environment, eliminating beliefs and behaviors that disturb its growth and effectivity

About the author

Mario A. Porto Fonseca, author and creator of SuperFocus

Mário Antônio Porto Fonseca is an engineer, master in Electrical Power Systems by the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais. With specialization courses in Electrical Power Systems at OHIO State University - USA; in Finance at Columbia Business School-USA; in Advanced Management at FDC (Fundação Dom Cabral) / INSEAD-France. He was a member of the Board of Directors of several companies, among them: Aços Villares S.A., Indústrias Villares S.A., GEVISA, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of INOXTUBOS S.A.


CEO of Soluções em Aço Usiminas S.A.

He is currently a member of Seguros Unimed S.A.; is Senior Fellow of the Advanced Leadership Initiative of Harvard University USA, and owner of Sítio do Cedro (the first Gold Farm in Brazil - certificate awarded by Nestlé S.A.).

"The author thanks Rosabeth Moss Kanter, a professor at Harvard University, in the acknowledgments in her bestseller "When the Giants Learn to Dance" recalls one occasion when she..." read the acknowledgments of the author.

See author's LinkedIn .

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Success Cases

Organizations that, with the SuperFocus, have achieved more effectivity

Industrias Reunidas Raymundo da Fonte

“It’s critical that we be an effective organization and that is precisely why we adopt the Superfocus.

With its use, we perceive improvements in the results of our company and every day the team has become aware of the importance of the adoption of systemic thinking. The Superfocus, through its four pillars: focus, motivation, presence and rituals, ensures that we are allocating our resources in the few and important points that lead us to the fulfillment of our purposes. We focus our resources on the factors that are critical to success and on the most important tasks, achieving better results. There is no dispersion but focus.”


Hisbello de Andrade Lima

Director Superintendent

SuperFocus Customer Testimonials

Testimonials from those who have applied SuperFocus and recommend

“Instigating, SuperFocus has the potential to establish a new paradigm for today’s managers: positive outcome without social compensation, is no longer synonymous with business success. Going beyond! It organizes and guides the necessary steps for those who crave this new form of success.”

Osvaldo Fonseca

Osvaldo Fonseca

Chairman of the Board of Directors (five companies)
Ex. Counselor of the Fundação Bradesco
Awarded the Habitat Medal of Merit by ABECIP

“For an effective result we need focus on the critical task. Since a task, however simple, can significantly affect the behavior of the whole. “This was the greatest learning that Superfocus left to the Comil and brought about a cultural change. The interconnection of a simple electrical central plate with the other elements of a bus interferes directly with the functioning of the bus system and the quality of the final product.

The alignment and motivation of all involved, the capacitation of the operators, the presence and the management rituals, allow the proper interface between the areas, the continuous improvement of the processes, as well as mitigate the entropy for the better functioning of the system. And this is the Super Focus “cake recipe” that has guaranteed and guarantee the effective result! “

Deoclécio Corradi

Deoclécio Corradi

President of Comil Onibus S.A.

“We always hear with quite a frequency about team motivation, strategy, focus, processes, procedures, etc., and very little about critical factors for success, presence, and critical tasks.

Mário at the SUPERFOCUS, with great competency, got to unify didactically all these items, conceptually clarifying each of them, thus generating a new culture in the organization.

We are definitely working now on what really generates VALUE for our customers.”

Carlos José Silva

Carlos José Silva

CEO - SOL Medicamentos Especiais Ltda

“Focus on people, focus on processes, focus on results.

Superfocus is a management method that allows to disseminate a culture in the company in which people are motivated to act within an established focus and predetermined rituals, where the presence of the leaders in the few important points gives the necessary support to the execution of the tasks, making employees feel safe and motivated for work, generating a virtuous circle in the organization, contributing to the sustainable development of the company through better results in the execution of the strategy.

Mário Porto has been a scholar and disseminator of the theory of the focus and has collaborated with companies, entities and governments in the application of this process obtaining excellent results.

With his book, Mario systematizes his knowledge accumulated in years of practice, and makes it possible for all of us to know in depth this path, which, if applied, will make a great contribution to humanity to overcome its difficulties, through the strengthening of companies, which generate wealth, enabling sustainable economic growth and social equity. “

Danusa Silva Menezes

Danusa Silva Menezes

General Director - COSIL Construçoes e Incorporacoes Ltda

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